The Obsession Formula Review

Does It Really Work? Is The Obsession Formula Scam System? Is Legit The Obsession Formula?

The Obsession Formula (TOF) is one of my favorite e-book. I stumbled upon it on the internet a while back while I was trying, as most of us do, to use the internet to try to understand women. It is actually quite an interesting story.

It all started when I met what I that was the most beautiful woman in the world. To protect her identity I will call her Kara. By every definition of the term, Kara was way out of my league. I knew I would have to up my game big time if I wanted to get her attention let alone a date. So I did what most of us do, I went to the all-knowing internet for advice. And that is how I landed on the website where I got The Obsession Formula System (TOFS). I’ve read many The Obsession Formula Reviews on online but now I am going to write-up my own review on this system.

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Is The Obsession Formula System Legit or a Scam?

At some point in every man’s life, there is a woman who proves to be a real challenge when it comes to seduction. For some unfortunate fellows, that happens not just once in their lifetimes but a whole lot more times than is comfortable for them. Adam Lyons, a relationships and sex expert, came up with TOF to help out men in such situations. The obsession formula is a comprehensive e-book aimed at helping men handle issues to do with attraction and seduction of women. It is available online and information is offered in different forms including articles, videos and audio books.

At a Glance of The Obsession Formula by Adam Lyons

The Obsession Formula System Reviews

  • Author: Adam Lyons
  • Product Price: $69.99
  • Bonus: Yes, 9 Free Bonuses
  • Bonus Value: $573.97 [FREE]
  • User Rating: 5.00 out of 5.00
  • Money-back Guarantee: Yes
  • Refund Policy: 60 days refund
  • Delivery: Instant, after payment
  • Website: Click to Visit Official Website

Naturally, I was a little skeptical about this system that was promising to make me irresistible to Kara. But I went through the entire book applying several of the tips. Believe it or not, I got Kara to go out with me. And not only that, she got so hooked she could barely stand to be away from me.

This formula changed my life and perspective on attraction and relationships and I would like to help you by telling you a little more about the system which may help for you.

Sexually Obsessed a Woman

What’s so Great About TOFS?

It’s basically the reason why people log on to view this e-book. It includes a series of videos and tutorials by Adam Lyons himself. In these videos, he introduces several new theories and ideas that can be applied in a man’s quest to get a particular women or group of women to become obsessed with them. It also includes videos where Adam teaches men how to practically apply the theories that he teaches to successfully seduce any woman who the interested viewer desires. The steps and tips included in TOF are all easy to follow and will definitely work provided you are not in any way cursed or something equally ridiculous that could hinder you from succeeding.

What is The Obsession Formula System?

TOF is a system (A collection of textbook, audio & video tutorials) by Adam Lyons to help men who are having trouble attracting or seducing women. The information is presented in the form of fun and lively videos where Adam Lyons himself takes the viewers through his theory and works in an attempt to help them more successful in their seduction attempts. The e-book is actually based on a comprehensive formula that Adam came up with that creates a relationship between many different factors that affect attraction and seduction directly.

TOFS is based on neurological studies on women that have revealed various loopholes and avenues to follow to get a woman obsessed with you. The entire system is actually structured around this formula and includes different principles, theories and tips that are designed to help the reader to achieve the goal of attracting and keeping a member of the fairer gender.

The book is divided into different sections including:

  1. Introduction of Obsession Formula– In this section of the e-book, the reader is introduced to the basic concept and reason for coming up with the idea for the e-book. Adam Lyons offers men insight in what turns women on and how to exploit those fantasies to their own advantage. You can also see video tutorial of this section.
  2. Core Theory of Obsession Formula– This is the second chapter of the e-book TOF. Here, Adam goes deeper with TOF theory. In the video, he explains exactly how he came across the theory and offers men scientifically proven facts as well as major theories about women and how to attract them with minimum chances of rejection. It is a great way to start the e-book giving the readers a chance to get familiar with the work before getting into the really hard parts.
  3. Practical Application of This Formula– When trying to get a woman obsessed with you, it goes without saying that first impressions are the most important aspect. In this section, Adam gives men super simple tips and tricks to successfully pick up a woman. His are not our ordinary run off the mill pick-up lines but can be described simply as works of art that if used right will get the woman of your dreams falling over herself to get your attention.
  4. Theory of Temptation Fantasy and Practical Application of the same– in TOF, Adam Lyons introduces three types of fantasy. The very first one is Temptation Fantasy. It is covered in two sections with the first one introducing the theory and the second one showing you how to apply the theory aspect successfully. The video includes examples of famous people who have used Temptation fantasy theory with great success without even knowing it.
  5. Theory and Application of Chasing Fantasy– This is the second type of fantasy that is described in Adam dating guide. It is also described in two parts; a theory and a practical section. The module contains ten easy steps you can use to get any woman obsessed with you.
  6. Theory and Application of Devotion Fantasy– The last two sections of the e-book cover the Devotion fantasy in theory and in practice. Adam explains to you what it is and how you can use it in your attempts to successfully seduce a woman you are interested in. Unlike the other sections where the main focus is on how to get the woman attracted and obsessed with you, these two sections educate you on what to do and what to avoid after you have made the commitment to stay with the woman. In short, this is the How Not to Screw Up section. It also teaches men how to get women to stay in love and remain faithful by triggering releases of certain chemicals and hormones in them.

Who is the Author of This Formula?

This dating formula e-book was written by Adam Lyons. He is a renowned relationship expert and dating advisor. Throughout most of his teenage life he was considered undatable by his peers. This prompted him to find a way to change his odds in the world of relationships and love. At only twenty-nine years of age, he has spent more than ten years of his life trying to understand attraction and working out how to help men who have a hard time getting women’s attention.

How to Successfully Get a Girl Using Adam’s Dating Guide?

Using this dating guide to get a woman interested is actually not a difficult process. All you have to do is to carefully follow the steps in the book. In summary, these are:

  1. Work on Yourself-image. Whether or not you like it, what people see matters. Personal grooming and hygiene should be your highest priority. This is covered in detail in the second and third sections of the e-book where Adam Lyons teaches you how best to present yourself to make yourself irresistible.
  2. First Impressions Matter. When you first approach the woman, make sure that you do so I such a way that you do not offend her or repulse her. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, the section covering practical application of this Formula will have you headed in the right direction.
  3. Choose the Woman Wisely. Again, like it or not, the tricks in this e-book do not work on everyone. Before making your move, make sure that you have carefully studied her because there is no second chance at first impressions.
  4. Learn What Women’s Fantasies are and How to Exploit Them. Every woman wants something from a man. Adam Lyons covers the most basic fantasies that cut across women of all types. He even goes further to describe to men how these fantasies can be fulfilled to get the woman obsessed with them.

With these 4 simple steps, everything else is made a whole lot easier for you. Detailed steps are available in the Adam’s dating e-book.

Get 9 Bonuses with this Dating Guide

Bonuses are offered on this dating guide for people who have signed up his own accounts by subscribing the formula. These include other e-books that are written to help out men in different social situations involving women. Check here these 9 includes bonuses you must need:

The Obsession Formula Bonuses

  1. The Hook Up Handbook
  2. Facebook Seduction
  3. Only You
  4. The Online Attraction Formula
  5. Text Game Mastery
  6. Tinder Hacks
  7. X-ray Vision
  8. The Art of Speaking Womanese
  9. Friend Zone to Sex Zone

All these help to complement and build up on information gained from Adam’s formula. They also include things like videos, eBooks and audio books for easier and more effective teaching.

Advanced Programs and Training

Referring to this guide as simply an e-book might actually be doing it a major injustice. It is actually more like a learning system that just a book. One of the components of these systems is the Advanced Obsession Mastery Program and the Academy Program. The Academy Program is under the Red Hornet Seduction Academy. This is a twenty-four week program where Adam Lyons takes men through a course on how to successfully attract and seduce a woman. By the end of the course no woman will be able to resist you. The Academy teaches mainly using videos with a lot of them being interactive interviews with experts on the subject of seduction. The Advanced Obsession Mastery program on the other hand is basically a more detailed and informative continuation of this best dating e-book.

Sexual Addiction Program

This part of the e-book covers the issue of chronic addiction to sex mainly in men. Many people do not consider this to be a real problem but is uncontrolled could have negative effects on a man’s sexual and social life. Adam uses this section to educate men on what sexual addiction is and how to have it under control for the sake of their sex lives and overall success in getting women obsessed with them.


  1. Many of the tips and guidelines are highly effective.
  2. The steps are easy to understand and to follow.
  3. It has audio books and video tutorials to break the monotony of reading making it a whole lot more effective.
  4. It is available online and thus accessible to anyone with internet access. All a person has to do is to open an Obsession Formula members account for full access to the videos and audio books.
  5. The tips and guidelines help you not only in your relationship life but also improving overall self-confidence and making you a better version of yourself.
  6. The tips and guidelines are based on extensive research increasing chances of success.
  7. The book is both entertaining and informative.
  8. A 60-day no-question full money-back guarantee.


  1. The tips do not always work on some women.
  2. The man’s self-confidence is a major determinant of success and if absent they could end up embarrassing themselves completely.
  3. It is banned in some countries as it is considered inappropriate and disrespectful to women.

Why I Absolutely Love This Dating E-Book?

The most obvious reason why I absolutely love Adam’s dating e-book is because it got me a date with Kara. This was a big deal because without the tips in the book I would probably have ended up making a fool out of myself using worn out pick-up lines or acting in an ungentlemanly fashion. Another reason is that it is one of the few books that I have read that have actually made a difference in my life. It has done this by helping me to get rid of naive and misguided ideas I had about women and dating. I can honestly say that The Obsession Formula has somehow turned me into a guy that girls can actually get obsessed about.

Bottom Line…

The Obsession Formula actually works. No matter what critics say, there is no denying that a lot of tips in this e-book are actually effective in getting and maintaining a woman’s attention. In addition to the great tips, it is an entertaining and well written book that is sure to open your eyes to a few things you probably thought you know everything about. This e-book is definitely worth a try for any man who is trying and miserably failing in attempts to seduce women or get their sex life up and running smoothly. So if you have not read it, make it a priority.

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