The Obsession Formula FAQs

The obsession formula can be called the miracle cure for men who have been completely unable to successfully seduce women. It is an e-book program that is designed to equip unfortunate men with the necessary knowledge and skills required to get any woman obsessed with them. This ingenious creation of Adam Lyons is available in soft copy on the internet with video & audio tutorials.

Q. Is the obsession formula based on facts or simply one man’s opinion?

A. It is based on scientifically proven facts. Adam Lyon bases his work on theories inspired by studies of the female mind and attraction dynamics. You can therefore rest assured that you are getting genuine information and not just hear-say.

Q. How is the information presented in the dating e-book?

A. It is in form of videos, audio books and articles. This is done so that people with different study preferences are all accommodated. So no worries if you do not like to read, you will still get to learn.

Q. How do I get to access the bonuses?

A. Bonuses are limited to members if the formula community. To gain access, you must first purchase the e-book then open an user account. After logging in you can see and select the extra products from the bonuses menu.

Q. Is the Obsession Formula free?

A. No. If you wish to enjoy the good things that come with the dating guide e-book, you must pay $69.99. Payment is made through Clickbank. But you have an option- if you don’t like this formula or is not working for you, you can claim your full refund within 60 days.

Q. Are there any special offers and discounts given?

A. Yes. For members of the system community, there is access to bonus products that complement knowledge gained from the e-books. There are, however, no discounts. But this should not be an issue as the book is affordable.

Q. How can a person become a member of the system community?

A. You will get a private access page link after you buy the e-book, open the link community site page and enter your information in the sign in form you got after purchase the system.

Q. How long do I have to wait to access the private member area after paying for the product?

A. Instant access. Once your payment is confirmed you receive the member area login information immediately without delay, where you will get the dating ebook, video tutorials & audio books.

Q. Do I get a refund if the e-book does not work?

A. Yes. There is a 60-day no question 100% refund policy. This applies when there is an issue with the e-book such as programming problems and incompatibility with devices or other similar any issue. If it does not work, you will get all your money back & its 100% confirmed.

Q. Who is the author of the The Obsession Formula System?

A. The best dating coach Adam Lyons. Users get to see his work directly in the video tutorials and interviews in the different programs.

Q. Is the system worth the money spent?

A. Yes. It is worth every coin spent. The tips are very effective in helping you get any woman hooked. You can go through The Obsession Formula Reviews to see success stories.

Q. Why won’t my member account allow me to open more than one program at a time?

A. The programs are designed in such a way that you have to first log out of a given module before launching another.

Q. Is there an age restriction on this e-book?

A. No. There is no actual restriction but some content and topics discussed may not be suitable for children.

Q. Is the program available in any other language other than English?

A. No. For now it is only available in English only.

Q. Whats Now?

A. New! The Obsession Formula System is a wonderful and effective e-book that is sure to get you headed in the right direction in terms of improving your seduction and attraction skills. Also you have a chance to get back 100% guarantee. So there is no risk, you can try if you want. Best of luck!